The Lidar King


If you play 2K21 or The Golf Club 2019 and you want YOUR local course designed with LiDAR  so you can play it in your simulator, PC, Xbox ,PS4 or Nintendo Switch



What is LiDar you ask?

When I design your course, it has the same undulations and elevations as if you were standing on the tee box in real life. When you play one of my courses in TGC 2019 you are playing the course exactly how it was designed.

I design courses that societies use in the Golf Simulator world.

The players in these societies are constantly asking for their “Local” courses to be put in to the game. I am praised on the accuracy of the courses I design and people that play my courses in real life were amazed how accurate the courses play in TGC 2019 and the simulators.

Lakewood Shores Resort

I was very excited for Kent to be the one recreating the course I learned to play golf at. Over a 20+ year span I would play this course religiously on our summer trips to Oscoda, Michigan. Unfortunately it has been a decade since I have played this course. Great news, now I get to play it anytime I want! Kent did an AMAZING job on the course. The course plays exactly as I remember it. As I was hitting certain approach shots or hitting shots to get myself out of brought me back to my younger years. I felt like I was out on this course again. I will 100% be using Kent again for another course. The Lidar King is the real deal! Heck, I even enjoyed the Zoom meetings going over the course. Great Job!

Cherry Valley Club (L)

I'm thrilled with the excellent job Kent (the Lidar King) did on my course. I grew up on this course as a son of Members, and caddied there for a decade from middle school through college [late `80s to late `90s]. So, I truly know every inch of the course. Despite my very detail oriented approach, Kent was patient, full of humor, and his work was superb. Among many other things, he patiently added back the many, many trees lost to Superstorm Sandy. The result is the Cherry Valley Club that I grew up on and spent every summer looping as a caddy - combined with some of the more contemporary changes to the course. Even on the first Beta version I was a bit emotional as it brought back a flood of memories of caddying, my late father, etc.

It is truly remarkable - even a tad surreal - how greens and fairways that have certain bounces / undulations / breaks are perfectly recreated via Lidar and Kent's hard work. But the Devil is in the details, and no detail is too small for Kent to address. Tree type changes, hedge lines, starter's booth, halfway hut, lightning shelters, tennis pavilion, patio, BBQ station on patio, etc., etc. The course is under the final approach pattern for JFK, so Kent added a passenger jet flying overhead! Of course he did... he is the King!

Worth every penny and then some; I highly recommend Kent for your course design needs!

Highly recommended!

Highland Country Club

I am incredibly happy with the final result of my home course.
Kent took far more time and put far more effort in to ensuring I was pleased with the final outcome than I expected. Fantastic attention to detail and he was very quick to implement small changes. I highly recommend Kent if you need your favorite course designed for tgc2019!


Manufacturers GCC Lidar

I cannot overstate how incredible Kent is to work with. The amount of time and detail applied to the course he built for us was incredible. That attention to detail - building the clubhouse for example, and certain other features of the course are what brings it to life. We are using this primarily with the SkyTrak, and after the first run through the course with a couple of other members at our club, they could not believe how accurately it looked and played. Kent has a gift for this, and anyone would be fortunate to have him assist in a project like this.

Real Club Golf Cerdanya

When I read about Kent, The Lidar King, on the web, I doubted how he could replicate a course in a remote area in the mountains between Spain and France, in the beautiful valley of La Cerdanya. He asked for the location and told me the lidar data was available for the course. Et voila, in the scheduled time he sent me the first beta, that was already impressive.

From then on everything went nice and easy, due to the level  of responsiveness and professionalism of Kent. Needed changes were mostly cosmetics and the end product exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Kent for a great work !!


I spend as many hours as needed to insure that you are happy with the course,

so the small amount of money I charge is nothing compared to the amount of time you will enjoy playing your favorite course in TGC 2019. Whether it is a course that was recently shut down, one that you and your father played for decades or just one that you always wanted in TGC 2019 or PGA 2k21, it can be yours if you want it.

I always request that you email me the Course name and Address so I can verify that the course can be done with LiDAR.

This will prevent any purchases for courses that can not be created.

Fill out the no Obligation Request form

Fill out the no obligation Request Form with the Name and Address of the course before ordering. I will email back letting you know if it can be done or not.

[ Hey Kent!  What is this RCR Package you speak of? ]


Before purchasing, please make sure that you go HERE and email me the course name and address, and I will let you know if the course can be done.

Just like you doing a search for your house in google maps. You will see the house but it shows your car from 5 years ago in the driveway that you no longer own!

RCR assures the course is exactly like you play it TODAY, and not 3 years ago. You will have to work with me to get the latest changes since I don’t play the course like you guys do!


Understand that when the course is built, it uses bing to pull in data.

I have had customers tell me .. “Kent they just added a bunker and new tee boxes” “They also removed a ton of trees and added a bridge” ...

This is where the RCR package comes in to play.

When I have to start getting custom drawings from customers and the stuff does not show in Bing, that is the time to get the RCR package. That is an RCR candidate.



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Before purchasing, please make sure that you go HERE and email me the course name and address, and I will let you know if the course can be done.

Kent is a true genius when it comes to LIDAR course design.

He created an exact replica of the local muni I grew up playing. He was a pleasure to work with and very responsive. Long Live The Lidar King!


Kent is great at doing this.

The process he uses keeps you involved throughout the process and he is quick with his correspondence. I'm sure I'll be using his services more in the future. It exceeded my lofty expectations. The course I grew up playing every day is back in my life!