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The Lidar King - Course Design for GSPro and TGC 2019
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 by Stuart Poll
Brookmans Park GC

It was annoying that my home course wasn’t available on TGC2019, so went about looking to try and design it myself. Going through lots of YouTube videos & forum discussions it became apparent this was no 10 min yet alone a 10 month / even years project ! Thinking that’s the end of that idea, i came across a number of positive reviews regarding a guy who was referred too as the Lidar King , so I hunted him down & made contact.

Well the whole process from initial contact to the final published course, could not have been made any easier. Kent was exceptionally helpful, & very prompt with the initial course to look at for changes, through the number of additional tweeking points I found as we progress. I added my input when I was able & got a lesson on how to change bits I found at the later stages, and we got there without me being shouted at one, was being such a pain in the ar*e ! Well done Kent - Great Job, Highly recommended, very easy to contact & discuss steps with, and most importantly & very playable, lifelike (within TGC’s limitations) replica of my home course x Brilliant Service

Stuart, enjoy your course now and every day and night in the comfort of your home!

 by Shoot For Par
Mound City Golf Club, Missouri

Kent has created this course for me both in TGC 2019 and GS Pro. The courses are in identical shape, within the limits of the species of Deciduous trees. I had a few particular landmarks that were added to give the ultimate atmosphere that you are actually on the course! My customers are thrilled about my new additions, as having their hometown course playable certainly assists during the rainy days. Highly recommended and sought after. Trust Kent and you will not be disappointed!

Dave, I had a blast working with you to get the course into your sim and GSPro!

Had the opportunity to work with Kent to transform my home course into a virtual course for TGC2019. We had lots of fun getting things dialed into my happy zone, which is difficult since I'm very detailed and fussy!

Kent was a pleasure to work with, and the final product is as close to reality as possible!!!
Now I've got this baby to frustrate me all winter!!


 by Philip Hatterman
Wildwood Golf Course NE City

Trying to create the course myself in TGC 2019's designer was a frustrating waste of time except for the appreciation it gave me for the final product that Kent delivered when I finally gave up and turned the project over to him. I would have been thrilled with the first draft he delivered if that had been the final deliverable. But his attention to detail with the revisions that yielded the final uploaded version really exceeded my expectations for the simulation version of a course that I know like the back of my hand. Any of Wildwood's regular golfers will likely find it hard to believe that this was designed by someone who has never seen the course in person. The few minor differences are due to the software's limitations and are only cosmetic. They do not impact playability at all and may not even be noticed during the first few rounds of play, especially for golfers who avoid hitting out of bounds. For anyone wondering if having Kent design their LIDAR course is worth the rate: the answer is YES!

Phil,Thanks for the kind words! Please enjoy Wildwood year round now 🙂

Limekiln R-W, Limekiln B-R, and Limekiln W-B

Amazing job at recreating and preserving my old home course that has become a housing complex unfortunately. It'll digitally preserve memories of my old league days for years to come. The recreation of the course is spot on and brings back a lot of memories playing it now on TGC2019 with SkyTrack. Thanks very much!

I remember playing there years ago Sean. Good call bringing Limekiln back to life!

 by Skip Grilz
Forest Hills MN

I'm impressed!!! I had high expectations after reading Kent's reviews and trying out a couple of his courses, yet he managed to exceed my expectations in every way. The course he created plays exactly like my home course. I especially appreciated his patience in fine tuning the details that makes the course play so real.

Skip, enjoy that beautiful course now and during the cold seasons!

 by Danny F
DerryField CC (L)

You wanna play your home course on your sim like the real thing?!

Then the Lidar King can do it! Absolutely stunning job with my course.

Very well detailed and Kent is a pleasure to work with. Can’t beat the price either!

Enjoyed working with you Danny! Looking forward to the next course!

 by Jim Boerckel
Bala, McCall, Glenhardie and Llanerch

Kent has created several courses for me and everyone is a masterpiece. All of the courses are extremely realistic and it gives me the experience of genuinely playing the courses. The slope of the fairways, depth of sand traps and break of the greens are depicted with amazing realism. Kent is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Each course he has created is a true gem.

It was awesome working with you Jim. Enjoy all those courses! 🙂

 by Cuyler Gauthier
Lisbon Village C.C. (L)

After hearing about Kent from the Golf Simulator Forums and playing many of his courses, I approached him with a dream to resurrect a golf course that my family grew up on that had been abandoned for more than a decade. Kent was able to bring this course back to life, exactly as it was when my family used to play it! I couldn't be happier and now we can all play a course that was extremely important to our lives! Thank you Kent, you are amazing, from your friend Cuyler of Muskrat Links Golf!

Cuyler, It was an honor to work with you to bring the course back to life! Enjoy it in your sim forever!

 by Ryan Walsh
Andover Country Club

I found The Lidar King online in a search to get a course made. After the 1st hole of the first draft, I knew we had a winner on our hands. I am blown away at not only HOW SIMILAR the virtual course looks to the real thing but, perhaps even more so, HOW ACCURATE the course is in terms of playability. Kent is a genuine professional, talented, and cares about the courses he creates (that last part alone is worth more than the cost). Very grateful customer.

Ryan, it was a pleasure working with you! Looking forward to building additional courses for you!

 by Martin Egan
Gailes Links (LIDAR)

I was recommended Kent by a colleague who had his home course replicated last year by the KING! After having played that course I knew I had to make contact and ask Kent if he could replicate our championship links course in Scotland. From first point of contact through to completion, Kent was fantastic. Even the first draft of the course before I provided input was very impressive and with a couple of rounds of dialogue and feedback the course is unbelievably realistic. A huge thank you again to Kent.

Martin, it was a pleasure working with you, buddy. I am looking forward to future courses!

 by R. Bruce Templeton
Rolling Green (RBT) Lidar

KUDOS TO THE KING!!! What a wonderful process and the final result blew by my very high expectations! Affable Kent is a true gentleman and took all the time needed to answer all of my questions about the limitations and possibilities of building this course. I was worried that my compulsive nature couldn't be satisfied but Kent is truly gifted and a joy to work with! Hire him and you will be thrilled with the finished product, BOOM!!!

Bruce, it was a pleasure working with you! God Speed in your future endeavors. And most of all, thanks for letting me play your beautiful course!

 by Freddy Karban
Evergreen Golf Course, Evergreen CO (LiDAR)

Kent created this home course for me and I couldn't be happier! This course plays exactly like the real one and has helped me lower my score significantly!

I told you it would help! Glad you are enjoying practicing in your sim Freddy!

 by Mark Schmidt
Shawnee State Park Golf Course

Kent created a local course for me that was turned into a camp ground by the state a few years ago. He brought this golf course back life in the sim world to be played forever and does amazing work. It was an absolute pleasure working with The LIDAR KING!!

Mark, it was a pleasure bringing back a course that is shut down. Please enjoy it in your sim for a lifetime!

 by Rick Bergey
Hunting Hawk

Kent was fantastic to work with. Very collaborative in working together to make the course as realistic as possible. I love the final product. Can't wait to have him do another course.

Rick, it was a pleasure to bring this course in TGC 2019. Enjoy it in your sim forever!

 by Jordan Strybosch
Woodstock Meadows Ontario

What a great experience it was to work with Kent. He was able to make out local course look amazing and spent time looking after the small details. This course can now be enjoyed for many years to come. Thank you for your time and effort.

Long live the King!!

Jordan, it was a pleasure working with you buddy! Enjoy that course now and forever in your sim!

 by Drew
Waterville Country Club

Kent recently created my home course in Maine and it exceeded all of my expectations. It was a pleasure working with him to make sure we got the small details right. It only took a few small tweaks to get to the final result and Kent was very receptive to my input through the process. There’s no doubt he’ll be building my next course.

Drew, It was a pleasure working with you to get the course as close as we can with the limitations of the designer. Enjoy it buddy!

Lincoln Greens Golf Course

Some months ago, I had Kent create a local nine-hole executive course I play where I live. After a couple of minor tweaks, it was perfect. So I recently had him create Lincoln Greens, a course in Illinois where I spent many happy hours golfing with my dad. It was on this course that I learned to love the game. Dad's gone now, so I wanted this course for sentimental reasons. Once again, just a couple of minor tweaks, and the course was perfect. If Kent's version included a recording of my dad cussing after bad shot, it would be just like being there. Great job, Kent!

Tom, it was a pleasure getting both of these courses built for you and enjoyed working with you!

 by Greg R
Edgebrook GC (Lidar)

Kent did a great job on my small, hometown course. He was very patient and willing to add the little aesthetics to make the course feel like home. Couldn't be happier with his work.

Greg, it was a pleasure working with you!

 by Stephen Fales
Pleasant Valley CC and Highfields Gold and CC

If I could give Kent 10 stars, I would! He has done 2 courses for me and will be starting a 3rd one soon. He is fantastic to work with and I couldn’t be happier with his work.

Thanks Kent!!

Steve, love working with you man! Will be working on the third one soon!

 by Mike Jackson
Sundridge Park East and West

Kent is a great guy to work with. We smashed out both of my home courses and they are super accurate. He is indeed the king of LiDAR

Cheers fella


Mike, enjoyed working with you man. It looks like a beautiful set of courses! Enjoy them year round now!

 by Chris Bealby
Stoke Rochford GC (L)

Kent is a pleasure to work with and has produced an excellent representation of my local course. I can thoroughly recommend his services !

Many thanks Kent .

Enjoyed working with you. I need to play your course the next time I am in the UK!

 by Chris Guimon
Apple Orchard GC (LIDAR)

Kent did an amazing job on a course I’ve played since I was a kid. Even the first pass he sent us looked incredible, but then he worked with us over Zoom to refine it and add more detail. The end result is better than I ever imagined and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It was a pleasure working with Kent. Definitely recommend!

Chris, I was honored to get this course in the game, so you can play year-round now!

 by Jeff
Golf Club of Indiana

I cannot express how easy this whole process was with Kent! He built our golf course and did an amazing job in step 1 of the process. We then played it a few times and wrote down feedback. I had a Zoom meeting with Kent and we dialed it in to look just like our golf course with all the nuances. AMAZING process and well worth the money! I recommend Kent to bring your golf course to life!

Jeff, A gorgeous course that you run there! Hope to play the next time I am in Indiana! 🙂

 by chris macdonald
Huntercombe Golf Club

Really excellent on all levels. Great design skills and really skilful. Could not recommend higher

Chris, enjoy the course year-round now. Enjoyed working with you!

 by Chris I
Radisson Greens TLK

Awesome course, awesome experience. He is an artist.

Enjoyed working with you, Chris!

 by Brad Campbell
The Country Club INC

Course looks and plays amazingly close to the real thing. Kent was great to work with. 1st version played great, just had to touch up a few tee boxes and some of the visuals and Kent made that happen in a timely manner. Highly recommend if you are looking to build a course.

Enjoyed working with you, Brad! Enjoy the course year-round now in the comfort of your home!

 by J. Nelson
Milburn Country Club (KS)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kent. He’s a real pro. Even though the Lidar data for our course was over 10 years old, his first draft was incredibly realistic and even incorporated most of the changes that had been made to our course in the past 10 years. And when there were other smaller changes to make, he was very patient and made sure that every detail was just right. I can’t sing his praises highly enough.

Jeff, Enjoy your course now year-round! Looking forward to doing the next one!

 by Mike Inglis
Girton Golf Course

A real pleasure to work with Kent , the first pass was very close to the play and most of our discussion afterwards was because the club had changed many bunkers that did not yet show on data. The course play is superb and the shape of the course is correct if a little too manicured for a UK course according to my wife ! (as its sim) . One zoom to do some tee detail - great fun and will be heavily used in winter

Mike, enjoyed working with you man. Enjoy playing your course year round!

 by Roger Underwood
Dyes Walk Country Club

Kent did an amazing job recreating my home course. The first pass design was excellent and then Kent takes the time via a zoom call to make sure to walk through any and all details to make it as perfect as possible. I could not be happier with the results!

Roger, Enjoyed working with you man. When I get out there, I need to play it live! 🙂

 by Steve Brooks
River Bend Golf Club

Great job! Brought the course we played for 20 years,that had closed, back to life. Plays exactly like the real course. Highly recommend!

Steve, I am really happy to be able to bring these courses back to life! Enjoy it man.

 by Joe Hurst
CC of Little Rock

I spent a few hours myself trying to use Lidar and creating a course. I soon gave up and found Kent online. I engaged him to do two courses and both of them are spot on. I feel like I am there. One was more difficult than the other but he was extremely patient and with several Zoom calls we were able to knock it out. The other one was nearly perfect on the first version. Knowing how difficult it is to create a Lidar course Kent is a super great value. As they have said in the other reviews, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Kent.

Joe, it was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy those courses! 🙂

 by Vic Avram
Radrick Farms (Lidar)

I found "The Lidar King" online and figured we would give it a shot during COVID to design and play our favorite local course Radrick Farms for XBox and in the simulator as well using TGC2019. What a fantastic experience. Kent is a magician with the software to create the course just as it is in real life using Lidar data and personalizing the finer points from there. Now our group will be able to play it all winter. A great overall value and a genuine and patient guy to work with - he's the best! If you're hesitating, don't! Just trust him with your course and you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Kent!

Vic, it was a pleasure working you and getting the course exactly the way you wanted it! Enjoy year-round now on the console and your simulator!

 by Innes Smith
Nairn Dunbar Badgers

I had seen a positive review on “The Lidar King” and thought it would be great to get my home course on the Sim. I contacted the above and had zoom chat with a really nice guy called Kent. Despite me being in Uk and Kent in the US we worked around the time zone and were able to make the changes required to replicate the course. With a keen eye for detail and a very real interest in getting it right I was hugely impressed with end result.
I now have a course I am really happy with and I would encourage you to try it.

It was a pleasure working with you Innes! It is a gorgeous course. Enjoy it year-round now!

 by Adam Muehl
Lakewood Shores Resort

I was very excited for Kent to be the one recreating the course I learned to play golf at. Over a 20+ year span I would play this course religiously on our summer trips to Oscoda, Michigan. Unfortunately it has been a decade since I have played this course. Great news, now I get to play it anytime I want! Kent did an AMAZING job on the course. The course plays exactly as I remember it. As I was hitting certain approach shots or hitting shots to get myself out of brought me back to my younger years. I felt like I was out on this course again. I will 100% be using Kent again for another course. The Lidar King is the real deal! Heck, I even enjoyed the Zoom meetings going over the course. Great Job!

Adam, I am really happy you are happy with the design of the course and am working on your second course soon!

 by Mike Carew
Cherry Valley Club (L)

I'm thrilled with the excellent job Kent (the Lidar King) did on my course. I grew up on this course as a son of Members, and caddied there for a decade from middle school through college [late `80s to late `90s]. So, I truly know every inch of the course. Despite my very detail oriented approach, Kent was patient, full of humor, and his work was superb. Among many other things, he patiently added back the many, many trees lost to Superstorm Sandy. The result is the Cherry Valley Club that I grew up on and spent every summer looping as a caddy - combined with some of the more contemporary changes to the course. Even on the first Beta version I was a bit emotional as it brought back a flood of memories of caddying, my late father, etc.

It is truly remarkable - even a tad surreal - how greens and fairways that have certain bounces / undulations / breaks are perfectly recreated via Lidar and Kent's hard work. But the Devil is in the details, and no detail is too small for Kent to address. Tree type changes, hedge lines, starter's booth, halfway hut, lightning shelters, tennis pavilion, patio, BBQ station on patio, etc., etc. The course is under the final approach pattern for JFK, so Kent added a passenger jet flying overhead! Of course he did... he is the King!

Worth every penny and then some; I highly recommend Kent for your course design needs!

Mike, it was a pleasure working with you to get your course built and restored the way you remembered it years ago!

 by Darrin Frickey
Highland Country Club

I am incredibly happy with the final result of my home course.
Kent took far more time and put far more effort in to ensuring I was pleased with the final outcome than I expected. Fantastic attention to detail and he was very quick to implement small changes. I highly recommend Kent if you need your favourite course designed for tgc2019!

Darrin, it was a pleasure working with you man. Another beautiful Canada course for my google map course list!

 by Sean
Manufacturers GCC Lidar

I cannot overstate how incredible Kent is to work with. The amount of time and detail applied to the course he built for us was incredible. That attention to detail - building the clubhouse for example, and certain other features of the course are what brings it to life. We are using this primarily with the SkyTrak, and after the first run through the course with a couple of other members at our club, they could not believe how accurately it looked and played. Kent has a gift for this, and anyone would be fortunate to have him assist in a project like this.

Enjoyed working with you, Sean. Looking forward to building the next couple of courses!

 by Chris
Muskegon Country Club

Kent is awesome. Extremely skilled with the technology to make a replica to your liking. It plays just like real life. Highly recommend

Chris, it was a pleasure working with you man! It is an absolutely gorgeous course. Enjoy year-round in 2K21

 by David Gauntlett
Northamptonshire County Golf Club

It was a pleasure to work with Kent (to be fair I didn’t do much at all!) making this course. It’s a true masterpiece and plays exactly as the course does in real life. Same yardages, slopes, bunkers - it’s a complete replica. Kent is a total professional and put in so much time and effort to make sure it was all as it needed to be. I cannot recommend the services of The LIDAR King enough. I’ll be having more local courses built soon!

Dave, it was a pleasure working with you buddy! Can't wait to work on the second course you discussed!

 by Gareth Jones
Worsley Park Marriott

Can't thank Kent enough or or for that matter give enough stars.

The detail is amazing and Kent made sure every part of the course looked and played as it does in real life.

The process was very simple (for us not so sure for Kent) where Kent produced the first draft and allowed us to play then asked for comments and change requests where were them implemented in the second draft. This process was repeated with no detail too small being overlooked.

Thanks again and I am sure we will get another course requested soon.

Gareth, enjoyed working with you to ensure the course is exactly the way you expected it to be!

 by Augustino Bertolino
Atkinson Resort

I am absolutely thrilled with my home course that the Lidar King built.i would recommend to anyone wanting their course to play TCG2019. Very easy and fun to work with,Very responsive, All the slopes and greens are perfect. Lidar is a great technology when it comes to geological contour of land . Thank you Lidar King.

My pleasure Augustino. Enjoy it year round now!

 by Luke
Reid Municipal Golf Club

The king is great and willing to work with you as long as it takes. I moved and was never able to get him notes on the beta for almost 8 months but he had no problem picking up where we left off and finishing. Will be doing more.

The course looks and plays great Luke! Enjoy it man.

 by Phil Bancroft
Cape Arundel Golf Course

Kent was great to work with. After creating my local course in CT myself, I asked Kent to create my favorite course where we vacation knowing just how much work goes into doing it right. Kent delivered a wonderful course and worked with me throughout the whole process.

Really enjoyed working with you Phil! Glad you are enjoying the course.

Real Club Golf Cerdanya

When I read about Kent, The Lidar King, on the web, I doubted how he could replicate a course in a remote area in the mountains between Spain and France, in the beautiful valley of La Cerdanya. He asked for the location and told me the lidar data was available for the course. Et voila, in the scheduled time he sent me the first beta, that was already impressive.

From then on everything went nice and easy, due to the level  of responsiveness and professionalism of Kent. Needed changes were mostly cosmetics and the end product exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Kent for a great work !!

Juan, it was a pleasure working with you to get this beautiful Spain course built and designed to your satisfaction! Enjoy it year round.

 by Denis Giuliani
Champion Trace Golf Club

All I can say is WOW! Playing courses available TGC 2019 is great but I really wanted to play my home courses as well. I reached out to The Lidar King (Kent Shaffer) to build my courses. All I can say is, if you're not looking to him to build your courses, you need to be. His process is to build your course and then do live reviews to make any revisions. His first pass was fantastic and I didn't need many changes. He is extremely responsive and customer-focused. I promise you that you will be thrilled with the work he does.

Enjoyed working with you Denis! Working on that second course now 🙂

 by Ben p
Bretwood GC North

He did a fantastic job on it, I was able to personalize it just the way it is in real life!!

Ben, it is a beautiful course man. Enjoy it year round! 🙂

 by Ben D
Trenton National Golf Club (aka Bar Harbor Golf Club)

We were so thankful for Kent's ability to faithfully recreate our local golf course. The course closed a few years ago and is slowly fading away back to nature, however, Kent was able to bring it back to life! He was great to work with! Five Stars!!!

Thanks, Ben! I am glad I could revive your course and provide you the opportunity to play it again and for the rest of your life.

The Golf Club at Cedar Creek

Kent does a phenomenal job from start to finish to insure you are getting the course you want. I can't imagine an easier more personalized experience for the value. Thanks Kent! We look forward to playing our home course all winter.

Robin, it was a pleasure man. I will be thinking about you and your brother playing the course year-round now!

 by Cooper Steiner
Tallgrass Country Club

Kent is the best in the game. He worked with me every step of the way to nail down every detail of my home course for a beautiful finished product that I will enjoy playing for years to come. I could not be more pleased with the whole experience!

It was great working with you, Cooper. Good luck with you and the college golf career!

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