The Lidar King


GSPro Courses are now being built by me.  I am doing courses for free to build up my reputation.

Stay tuned.

If you play 2K23, 2K21, or The Golf Club 2019 and you want YOUR local course designed with LiDar  so you can play it in your simulator, PC, Xbox or PS4.



What is LiDar you ask?

When I design your course, it has the same undulations and elevations as if you were standing on the tee box in real life. When you play one of my courses in TGC 2019 you are playing the course exactly how it was designed.

I design courses that societies use in the Golf Simulator world.

The players in these societies are constantly asking for their “Local” courses to be put in to the game. I am praised on the accuracy of the courses I design and people that play my courses in real life were amazed how accurate the courses play in TGC 2019 and the simulators.

5 Stars! Kent is creating awesome lidar courses for TGC. It’s the 2nd course I had him create. Called Fyre Lake Golf National.

The detail he creates is truly unbelievable! If you want a home course created and play it on your simulator then definitely have him create one for you. He does lidar so the course is exactly mapped out to your real course! Definitely recommend him!

Fyre Lake National

Second course I have had done by the King. Even better than the first.

There are 8 guys from our club playing it tonight! If you have a course that you play and love, I highly recommend you getting the LidarKing to reproduce it. You won't regret it. A small price to pay for all the rounds you will play on it. Your friends and fellow club members will be amazed at how it feels like you are on the real course.

White Bear Yacht Club

Highly recommended!

The course came out just as I remembered it and I have had a joy playing it. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

Swan Creek Golf Club

The course replications were excellent!

New to TGC 2019, I was thrilled to find courses local to my area, along with a few I've had the chance to play. The course replications were excellent. After some research, I found Kent was the designer. I submitted a request for my home course and Kent could not have been more customer-centric. His attention to detail is outstanding. The course design is pure replication and just an incredible experience to play. Kent's attention to nuance, contour, placement are amazing. Highly recommend Kent's talent and services to create your favorite home course.

Dave Driscoll
White Manor Country Club

Kent is offering an awesome service!

To be able to get your local courses created and play them on sim is amazing! He did a great job on the course and really happy how it turned out. He is very responsive and communicates well during the process. I highly recommend him if you are looking to have a course created in TGC.

Davenport Country Club


I spend anywhere between 70 and 100 hours on one course depending on its complexity,

so the small amount of money I charge is nothing compared to the amount of time you will enjoy playing your favorite course in TGC 2019. Whether it is a course that was recently shut down, one that you and your father played for decades or just one that you always wanted in TGC 2019, it can be yours if you want it.

I always request that you email me the Course name and Address so I can verify that the course can be done with LiDAR.

This will prevent any purchases for courses that can not be created.

Fill out the no Obligation Request form

Fill out the no obligation Request Form with the Name and Address of the course before ordering. I will email back letting you know if it can be done or not.

[ Hey Kent!  What is this RCR Package you speak of? ]


Before purchasing, please make sure that you go HERE and email me the course name and address, and I will let you know if the course can be done.

Just like you doing a search for your house in google maps. You will see the house but it shows your car from 5 years ago in the driveway that you no longer own!

RCR assures the course is exactly like you play it TODAY, and not 3 years ago. You will have to work with me to get the latest changes since I don’t play the course like you guys do!


Understand that when the course is built, it uses bing to pull in data.

I have had customers tell me .. “Kent they just added a bunker and new tee boxes” “They also removed a ton of trees and added a bridge” ...

This is where the RCR package comes in to play.

When I have to start getting custom drawings from customers and the stuff does not show in Bing, that is the time to get the RCR package. That is an RCR candidate.



Build Options
Enter the Course Names Here


Before purchasing, please make sure that you go HERE and email me the course name and address, and I will let you know if the course can be done.

Kent is a true genius when it comes to LIDAR course design.

He created an exact replica of the local muni I grew up playing. He was a pleasure to work with and very responsive. Long Live The Lidar King!


Kent is great at doing this.

The process he uses keeps you involved throughout the process and he is quick with his correspondence. I'm sure I'll be using his services more in the future. It exceeded my lofty expectations. The course I grew up playing every day is back in my life!